Walter C. Bronson, Chairman
Edward J. Weirsky, Jr. Vice Chairman
Robert W. Minter, Treasurer
Ronald S. Dancer, Member
Harry E. Miller, Member
Ricky T. Brown, Alternate Member
Anthony Esposito III, Alternate Member
Peter L. Ylvisaker, Executive Director
Nancy Hendrickson, Secretary




Please be advised that Plumsted Township and the Plumsted Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) have applied to the State’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund administered by the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program (NJEIFP) for a low interest loan to construct a collection and disposal system to provide sanitary sewer service to the downtown New Egypt area of Plumsted Township...READ MORE




At its meeting on February 21, 2017, the Plumsted Municipal Utilities Authority decided to place on its web site at  the most recent draft of the proposed Sewer Use Rules and Regulations for the downtown New Egypt Sewer project. The current schedule is for the first phase of the collection system and the wastewater treatment plant to be operational in late 2018 or early 2019. At that point, as proposed, the owners of improved property within the Phase 1 sewer service area would be required to connect to the sewer system within one (1) year. Property owners electing to receive a “forgivable” loan from the Township as outlined below must connect within six (6) months.  The PMUA and its engineering consultant T&M Associates are now in the process of submitting and applying for various county and state permits needed to construct the sewer system. It is anticipated that construction of the system will begin later this year. The PMUA intends to adopt these Sewer Use Rules and Regulations at its March 21, 2017 regular meeting.

Once adopted by the PMUA, the Township Committee will consider adoption of two ordinances. The first ordinance will be to require a mandatory connection to the sewer system if the improved property   is within the Phase 1 sewer service area and the principal structure is within 200’ of the proposed sewer collection system. The second ordinance is to provide financial assistance to property owners in Phase 1 to defray or cover the costs to connect to the Township system.  These funds will be used to pay the costs for changing the internal and external plumbing required to connect to the sewer system, to decommission the owner’s existing septic or cesspool system and permits required for this work. The Financial Assistance Plan would provide a loan on average of $5,000 to each owner of improved property for thirty (30) years as funds permit. The loan requires no monthly payment, is free of interest and is not subject to any income qualification requirement.  A lien would be placed on the property while the loan is outstanding.  The loan would be paid back based on a sliding scale based upon the sale or refinance of the property or an insurance settlement. For each year the property is not sold or refinanced or the subject of an insurance settlement, the loan would be reduced by 1/30th so that after 30 years the loan would be 100% forgiven. The Township is likely to introduce these ordinances at its April 5, 2017 meeting and consider final adoption of these ordinances at its May 3, 2017 meeting.   


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